FIGMA Catching App

Concept for a mobile app to stay in the loop over the activity on Figma design projects.

As a remote worker, I need to share my ideas as soon as possible, Figma allows me to open my design process for the product teams I work with. But also I need to stay in the loop all the time. For that reason I would like to have a mobile app, to easily catching-up on comments, and be notified about the overall activity.

Comments feed

Comments are the most important thing here, personally, I would like to see the specific design area where the comment was placed, to easily understand the context. Also as a user, I would like to have the latest comment on each thread and maybe cropped on 2 or 3 lines to prevent large scroll on the main screen. Also will nice to have the name of the Team, Project and File there.

Comment Thread
This is the comment detailed page with the complete thread.

Activity feed

This section is just to have an accessible update over all the progress on files, projects, and teams.


There is not much to say here, just a magic search to find anything: comments, projects, files...

My Activity

As an independent designer, usually I collaborate with different companies at the same time, always I need to be able to filter the comments that mention me, I created or answered.

Navigate through Files, Projects, and Teams

In the top of the main screen, as a

August 13, 2017